2017 Annual MyBrokers Ireland Awards

The MyBrokers Ireland Awards 2017 took place in the Round Room, Mansion House on Thursday 19 October in conjunction with the Brokers Ireland Lunch. The awards are designed to give recognition to staff members within broker member offices for their hard work, dedication and achievements throughout the last 12 months. The MyBrokers Ireland Committee would like to acknowledge the support of the following companies: Friends First, Liberty Insurance, Irish Life, AXA, RSA, Open GI, Zurich and AVIVA. The committee would also like to thank all brokers firms that took the time out to send in nomination forms to ensure the success of this event. A massive thank you goes to the judging panel consisting of Dermot Murray, CEO of The Insurance Institute and Pat O’Sullivan, CEO of LIA. Congratulations to all 2017 MyBrokers Ireland Award winners.

Friends First Sales Person of the Year

This nominee is an exceptional salesperson with a proven and award-winning track record in sales. They exude first class interpersonal skills which enables them to easily liaise with clients. Their tenacity and dedication have been instrumental in the improved effectiveness of their sales team and has helped to increase sales year by year. A full time working mother who is based in Tipperary and commutes nationally on a weekly basis, covering up to 5,000 klms. A true, dedicated and passionate sales professional. The winner is Anne O’Doherty, Quintas Wealth Management.

Anne O’Doherty, Sales Person of the Year, presented by John Corr, Friends First.

Liberty Insurance Outstanding Customer Service Award

Martina Preston, Outstanding Customer Service, presented by Michael Skelton, Liberty.

Our next winner was nominated as someone who can be fully trusted when dealing with everything from the most basic to the most complex of client accounts. According to this winner’s colleagues, you only have to mention something once and you can be assured that it will be carried out in a timely and efficient manner. Considered to be a safe pair of hands who is consistently reliable and an outstanding nominee for the Customer Service category. The winner is Martina Preston, Hastings Insurance Group.

Irish Life Team Leader of the Year

This candidate is a true all round team player, taking leadership, responsibility and ownership on everything from compliance, regulation issues, training sessions, online webinars, CPD seminars, HR, marketing and payroll. Always a professional, this winner is described as being calm with a great capacity for problem solving and maintaining composure even in extremely stressful situations. The winner is Aileen Delaney, SYS Wealth.

Aileen Delaney, Irish Life Team Leader of the Year, presented by John Roberts, Irish Life.

Axa Personal Lines Broker of the Year

Linda Walsh, Personal Lines Broker of the Year, presented by Paul Nolan, AXA.

This candidate has excellent product and market knowledge, good working relationship with Insurers and a clear understanding of the technicalities that apply to each product type. This person is described as patient and always willing to help no matter how busy they are and treat every client with the utmost respect. This is someone who will always go the extra mile to ensure that they achieve the best results in providing excellent customer service. The winner is Linda Walsh, Robertson Low.

RSA Commercial Lines Broker of the Year

This candidate has the ability to understand the most complex insurance products and relay in simple terms to customers so that they fully understand how it can benefit their business. Never shy to go the extra mile or contribute countless hours to enhance their business, this winner is always approachable and is vital in the development and motivation of colleagues who regard them as a true winner! The winner is Alicia Herron, Pat Britton Insurance.

Alicia Herron, Commercial Lines Broker of the Year, presented by Enda Brazel, RSA.

The Insurance Institute General Insurance Educational Achievement Award

Margaret Hickey, General Insurance Education Achievement, presented by Dermot Murray, The Insurance Institute.

This candidate is extremely “Professional” in all aspects of their work and although grandfathered with over 30 years Insurance broking experience, they decided in September 2016 to get CIP qualified and set a very tough challenge of completing all exams from scratch in 12 months. They have passed 5 and failed none as of September 2017 and is awaiting the results of the final exam – due this month. In Kidd Insurances we believe that this is a truly remarkable achievement and a real inspiration to our younger staff who are all sitting exams. The winner is Margaret Hickey, Kidd Insurances.

LIA Life Assurance Educational Achievement Award

The recipient of this year’s Educational Achievement Award for the Life Assurance sector completed his Graduate Diploma in Financial Planning course during the past 12 months. Across the six modules he received five A+ grades and one A grade and just recently he was awarded 1st place at the graduating ceremony in O’Reilly Hall, UCD. Considering that students from ALL sectors of the Financial Services industry across Ireland sat this masters level course – this is a truly remarkable achievement and it is fitting that he is recognised today in our awards. The worthy recipient of the Life Assurance Education Achievement Award, from Bellwether Financial Planning, is Barry Mooney, Bellwether Financial Planning.

Barry Mooney, Life Assurance Education Achievement, presented by Pat O’Sullivan, LIA.

Open GI Most Supportive General Insurer Award

Philip Lawlor, Most Supportive General Insurer Representative, presented by Robert Fitzsimons, Open GI.

Where do we start on this award winner – a 35 year insurance veteran, just think about it, on the day they started working Ronald Regan had just been elected President of the United States, the world’s first CD player was released in Japan and Offaly were winning All-Irelands! This worthy winner lives the values of integrity, trust and always puts the customer first. They have forged strong relationships with partner brokers by always delivering on commitment and having a can do attitude. This candidate deserves all they have done and continues to do for their partner brokers. The winner is Philip Lawlor, Aviva.

MyBrokers Ireland Most Supportive Life Insurer Award

This year’s recipient is an enthusiastic Broker Account Manager. He has all the necessary skills that you would want in an Account Manager. Excellent communication skills, technical skills, and really well organised, with a good understanding of our business and the market place. He is always bringing ideas and angles to brokers in terms of client approaches along with supporting material – which is very useful in targeting new business. Brokers rely on Broker Account Managers that possess particular skillsets, for example it is vital that they understand the business we are in, understand our needs and those of our clients. This year’s recipient is a shining example of a very effective Account Manager, he is a great ambassador for Irish Life and he is always a gentleman and a pleasure to deal with. The winner of the My Brokers Ireland “Most Supportive Life Insurer Award” is Dominic MacHugh, Irish Life.

Dominic MacHugh, Most Supportive Life Insurer Representative, presented by Emma Reid, MyBrokers Ireland.

Zurich Broker Principal of the Year Award

Maurice Hedderman, Broker Principal of the Year, presented by Martin Goggin, Zurich.

The winner of this year’s award has worked tirelessly within the insurance industry for over 40 years and has been nominated as being a “constant inspiration who continuously passes on his wealth of experience and knowledge and always encourages further educational training and personal development”. His friendly and happy persona constantly ‘lights up’ any conversation. He is a fountain of knowledge and he puts his client at the centre of everything he does. Over the years he has taken many staff and broker colleagues under his wing, introducing them to many industry professionals and mentoring them in a way they had never been mentored before – all in a totally selfless way. As a QFA and CFP he encourages others to develop themselves both personally and professionally – indeed two of his sons have joined him in his business in recent years with Mark receiving his CFP just last Saturday in UCD and Luke well on his way to getting his QFA. A natural leader, a teacher, a role model and one of life’s gentlemen who has generously dedicated his life to working in and for the Insurance Industry, I am delighted to announce that the My Brokers Ireland 2017, Broker Principle of the Year Award goes to Maurice Hedderman, Hedderman Financial Solutions.

Aviva Outstanding Achievement Award

This nominee is described as a personable, knowledgeable, honest, helpful, experienced and hard working professional who provides excellent advice and solutions to the broker community. Considered to be approachable, never in bad form and always an absolute pleasure to deal with, they are described as a fountain of knowledge and the best possible role model for new entrants to the industry. Respected and trusted by Insurers and brokers alike, this winner has had a long and distinguished career in the industry and their knowledge, personality, honesty, and vast experience is highly regarded. On a personal level, this winner plays in a band which performs weekly in Nursing Homes as well as being treasurer of their local church and an active participant in the choir. An avid fisherman in Howth Harbour, an absolute gentleman and someone who always goes beyond the call of duty, the 2017 Outstanding Achievement Award goes to Alan Gibson, Kidd Insurances.

Alan Gibson, Outstanding Achievement Award, presented by John Quinlan, Aviva.

The committee would like to thank all brokers firms that took the time out to send in nomination forms to ensure the success of this event. A massive thank you goes to the judging panel consisting of Dermot Murray, CEO of The Insurance Institute and Pat O’Sullivan, CEO of LIA.