Irish Broker Magazine was established in 1984 and has been published on a monthly basis since then. It was founded by Tommy McQuaid. Irish Broker is the Official Publication of Brokers Ireland. It is produced by Irish Broker Magazine Ltd, formerly Holyrood Publications Ltd who where established in 1958. The magazine is circulated free of charge to all members of Brokers Ireland, Registered Brokers,Insurance Companies, The Financial Services Sector, The Central Bank, various Government Departments and a select list of companies involved directly or indirectly with the Insurance and Financial Services sector.

Irish Broker Magazine has been bridging Brokers and Providers since 1984. Irish Broker tackles the issues of the day. It is uniquely positioned to provide Insurance and Financial Brokers with up-to-date insightful information. Irish Broker at all times endeavours to deliver a quality, reliable and  professional service to Brokers Ireland and the industry in general by providing peer-to-peer user-generated content, expert editorial analysis and in-depth industry and consumer research. Irish Broker is the only monthly publication in Ireland which offers a 360-degree view of, and assists Insurance and Financial Brokers to navigate, the ever-changing landscape that is the General Insurance and Financial Services industries. Irish Broker remains current by continuing to evolve with these industries.